Cosplay Competition

Deadpool: TheBeefybicep Cosplay and Photo by Raven & Moon Photography

Ogden UnCon wants to make our cosplay competition as in touch with the needs of cosplayers as we can. Its our understanding that recognition trumps prizes. So we are working with brilliant local fabricator, Industrial Art and Design to create Ogden UnCon's first cosplay trophies which will be awarded to 1st & 2nd place winners in all three categories. Each first place winner will also receive a one year memberships to the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. Crepuscular Cosplay are highly accomplished local cosplayers and have been chosen to run the 2019 cosplay competition. We are proud to have Stan Winston Studios, Industrial Art and Design, and Crepuscular Cosplay as cosplay contest sponsors.

Our contest judges are accomplished cosplayers, professional makeup effects and special effects artists, who know first hand, the blood, sweat, and tears cosplayers put into their projects. They will judge our Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Competitions. We recently added the beginner category because the cosplay community asked us to do so. Ogden UnCon has made no secret that we love our local cosplayers and continue to support the art form and its artists.

The event is scheduled for the 3pm-5pm Sunday, June 9, 2019 in the Peery's Egyptian Theater. Click here with any questions you might have.

Competition Rules

Please completely fill out the cosplay contest submission form. You will receive a confirmation email immediately after you submit the form. If you do not receive this email confirming your entry, please contact use HERE . Someone will look into the problem. Thanks for entering. Don't forget, you must be an Ogden UnCon attendee to participate in any convention activities. So head over to the TICKET link as soon as you're done here.


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