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How to Use Your Phone’s Fingerprint Scanner to Unlock Your PC

Today no device is secure enough. In view of what has been happening in recent years, in which user privacy has been gaining more and more prominence in the security discourse, ridding our mobile devices and computers from prying eyes has become an obsession for many. In the case of mobiles, it is easy, since the most current models incorporate a fingerprint reader that is responsible for biometric authentication and adds an extra layer of security. But what about PCs? What if I told you that you can combine both worlds? Right now we explain how.

Unlock PC with Android Fingerprint Scanne

How to Login Into Your PC with Your Fingerprint

Before continuing, it is important to clarify that, although this process is very simple, if the steps are not followed properly, we will not be able to correctly configure the necessary tools. Follow the instructions that we are going to give you in this article and, please, do not skip any. We insist that it is very important to follow each one of them well.

Let’s go by parts. First, you will have to download an application for your Android called Remote Fingerprint Unlock. Do not open it yet: although you can take a look through its menus and become familiar with it, for now, it is as useful as diving equipment to go to the desert. By itself it does nothing; needs a partner.

This companion is a module for Windows that you can download below this paragraph in two flavours: one for 32-bit systems (x86) and another for 64-bit systems (x64). When you install it, you will see that it does not have any kind of graphical interface, since it does not need it.

Then log out of Windows. Now on the home screen, you should see this

Unlock Your PC

  • Now find the Remote Fingerprint Unlock app and open it. Then click on the menu button and select the Scan option. Then, click on the cross button. You should see this on the screen.
  • Select the By Scanning option and wait for your PC to appear on the screen. When it does, click on it and then Save.
  • Now you will have to add your user account. To do this, click on the menu again and go to the My ACcounts section. You will see this on the screen.
  • Then click on the three points and on Add Account. Now you will have to enter the name of your Windows user account and your password.
  • When you do, the following message will appear advising you that the session ID of the computer user is paired with the mobile (this is also where you will have to register your fingerprint).

Now you only have to unlock the PC with your fingerprint to check that everything is correct. Click on the menu again and this time on the Unlock section. Now click on Fingerprint Unlock on your computer, just below your username. Then, place your finger on the sensor and, if everything is correct, you will check that your PC unlocks without a problem.

How to Activate Showtime Anytime

Showtime offers you all the favoured and latest entertainment content that you simply would really like to observe. Showtime provides various sports even all across America and therefore the remainder of the planet. If you’ve got any streaming device among Apple TV, or any Smart TV then you actually got to have the Showtime Anytime app on your device. If you would like showtime anytime activate for fire stick you would possibly have faced Showtime anytime com activate error. during this post, we might assure you some ways on the way to activate showtime anytime.

Activate Showtime Anytime

Showtime Anytime is out there on a variety of software & hardware platforms. Though, each device has got to be activated manually. Here is the way to activate Showtime Anytime, counting on the platform you’ve at your disposal.

How to Create an Account on Showtime anytime?

Starting an account in Showtime anytime is extremely easy and you’ll roll in the hay in only ten minutes

  • Visit and attend their signup page
  • A list of cable providers are going to be displayed, select your cable provider from that list
  • Add all the small print that it asks and your account are going to be open
  • Choose your plan and buy it to urge a subscription to Showtime

Showtime Anytime activate On Amazon Fire Stick

The following are the steps for activating the Showtime Anytime app on your Amazon Fire Stick:

  • Install the Showtime Anytime app on your Amazon Fire Stick. (You also can launch the Showtime Anytime app through Hulu Plus on your Amazon Fire Stick).
  • Sign up for purchasing the Showtime Anytime app and follow the instructions mentioned on the screen.
  • After following the instructions for subscribing to the Showtime Anytime app, you’ll use the app on other devices also.

Activating Showtime Anytime On Apple TV

Since each device features different programming, the method to activate this service also differs for every device. So, if you would like to avail the programmes on Apple TV you would like to follow the below steps.

Showtime Anytime On Apple TV

  • Tune into the Showtime Anytime channel on your Apple TV
  • therein channel hover on the screen and choose the video you would like to observe and choose ‘Play’ or ‘Activate’
  • Choose the cable provider from the drop-down options
  • Take a note of the activation code reflecting on the screen
  • Open a browser on your PC and open the official website of Showtime
  • Simultaneously follow the steps
  • Log in to your account
  • Use the login details of your cable provider and use the activation code provided to you before
  • The instant you see a hit message reflecting on your screen
  • Then, attend the most screen of Apple TV and begin watching your favourite shows on Showtime Anytime.

How to Create iPhone Ringtones and Notifications

Year after year we verify that the iPhone manages to surprise us with incredible functions and oriented to personalize even the smallest detail. Of these options, iPhone ringtones represent one of the settings that some users like to customize with specific sounds or songs.

Create iPhone Ringtones

Although configuring the iPhone at our own pace is a fairly simple process, some steps may vary depending on the result we want to achieve, and the time we want to invest.

How to Make a Ringtone for iPhone with iTunes

When it comes to downloading free iPhone ringtones, most users think of a musical theme, so iTunes or Apple Music (For Catalina or later) are the ideal options to complete the action. Both allow you to decide on the details of the result and without paying a single euro.

  1. Open iTunes or Apple Music on the desktop of your computer.
  2. Select the song you want to use to create a ringtone.
  3. Right-click on the song and select “Song Information.”
  4. Click on the “Options” tab
  5. Choose a period of up to 30 seconds on the song you want to make your ringtone. (Apple limits your ringtone to 30 seconds)
  6. Press “OK.”
  7. Select the right button on the ringtone and choose the “Show in Finder” option.
  8. Select the option with the song file extension from .m4a to .m4r.
  9. Keep the window open and connect your iPhone to your computer. This will appear in the left sidebar of the screen.
  10. Drag and drop the .m4r ringtone onto the option in the left sidebar, under “Tones” to display it in the list.
  11. Press “Settings”> “Sounds and Haptics”.
  12. Scroll to Ringtone.
  13. Select the ringtone and once it is played you will verify that the process has been carried out successfully.

Putting a ringtone song on the iPhone is a simple process that can be applied to all the contact list or customize it individually and without a doubt, have a great way to identify a call without even looking at our mobile.

How to Combine Photos on iPhone or iPad Easily

On many occasions, we can find ourselves in the situation of wanting to put two photos together in one image, and it is something we can do very easily from our iPhone. And the best thing is that with this trick you can combine photos on your iPhone for free and without having to download any app.

Combine photos on iPhone

The Shortcuts app is one of the most useful on the iPhone since it is capable of doing many different things in a couple of taps and without having to download any app. And luckily there is also an iPhone shortcut to merge two photos into one.

How to Put Two Photos on a Single iPhone?

There are many applications to edit photos, but with this shortcut, you can join two photos on your iPhone without having to download any app or be an expert in Photoshop.

Surely you already have the Shortcuts app downloaded, but if this is not the case, we recommend that you download it from the App Store, once you make sure you have it, the steps are quick.

Now that you have the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad, we must download the specific shortcut to join two photos into one on our device. To do this, click on the link below to download the shortcut.

Click on Get shortcut and the app will open. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click Add Rogue Shortcut. In case this option does not come out, remember to activate this type of shortcut from the iPhone settings.

Once you have the shortcut installed, the process couldn’t be easier.

Put 2 Pictures Side by Side on

  • In the Shortcuts app and under All Shortcuts you will see Combine Images.
  • Click on the shortcut to activate it. The first time you will have to give him permission to access your photos.
  • The gallery will open for you to select the photos you want to join.
  • It will ask you the order in which you want the photos.
  • Then the space you want between the photos.
  • And finally, if you want the images to join horizontally, vertically or in a grid.
  • When finished you will see the photo of the joined images.
  • Press Ok and select if you want to save or edit it.

Now you just have to enter the Photos app to see how the last photo collage you have chosen will be. You can join two, three, four and all the photos you want into one with this great shortcut. One of those that you have to have downloaded on your iPhone or iPad.