Cosplay Competition

Deadpool: TheBeefybicep Cosplay and Photo by Raven & Moon Photography

Ogden UnCon wants to set the bar for cosplay competitions. To do that, we are putting together incredible prize packages to draw amazing cosplayers. These prizes include one year memberships to the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. A list of the prizes for each placement, will be listed below in the coming weeks.

Our contest judges are professional makeup effects and special effects artists who know first hand, the blood, sweat, and tears cosplayers put into their projects. They will Judge our Intermediate & Advanced Competitions. We're sorry that we will not be able to offer a beginners category this year. Our hope is that beginners will be encouraged to push themselves and raise their confidence by participating in our intermediate category of the competition.

The event is scheduled for the afternoon Sunday, June 9, 2019 of the Ogden UnCon convention. More details to come as our competition comes together.

Competition Rules

We will be posting sign up information soon and details about scheduling and procedures. In the meantime, check back periodically and follow us on social media.