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How to Create iPhone Ringtones and Notifications

Year after year we verify that the iPhone manages to surprise us with incredible functions and oriented to personalize even the smallest detail. Of these options, iPhone ringtones represent one of the settings that some users like to customize with specific sounds or songs.

Create iPhone Ringtones

Although configuring the iPhone at our own pace is a fairly simple process, some steps may vary depending on the result we want to achieve, and the time we want to invest.

How to Make a Ringtone for iPhone with iTunes

When it comes to downloading free iPhone ringtones, most users think of a musical theme, so iTunes or Apple Music (For Catalina or later) are the ideal options to complete the action. Both allow you to decide on the details of the result and without paying a single euro.

  1. Open iTunes or Apple Music on the desktop of your computer.
  2. Select the song you want to use to create a ringtone.
  3. Right-click on the song and select “Song Information.”
  4. Click on the “Options” tab
  5. Choose a period of up to 30 seconds on the song you want to make your ringtone. (Apple limits your ringtone to 30 seconds)
  6. Press “OK.”
  7. Select the right button on the ringtone and choose the “Show in Finder” option.
  8. Select the option with the song file extension from .m4a to .m4r.
  9. Keep the window open and connect your iPhone to your computer. This will appear in the left sidebar of the screen.
  10. Drag and drop the .m4r ringtone onto the option in the left sidebar, under “Tones” to display it in the list.
  11. Press “Settings”> “Sounds and Haptics”.
  12. Scroll to Ringtone.
  13. Select the ringtone and once it is played you will verify that the process has been carried out successfully.

Putting a ringtone song on the iPhone is a simple process that can be applied to all the contact list or customize it individually and without a doubt, have a great way to identify a call without even looking at our mobile.

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