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How to Use Your Phone’s Fingerprint Scanner to Unlock Your PC

Today no device is secure enough. In view of what has been happening in recent years, in which user privacy has been gaining more and more prominence in the security discourse, ridding our mobile devices and computers from prying eyes has become an obsession for many. In the case of mobiles, it is easy, since the most current models incorporate a fingerprint reader that is responsible for biometric authentication and adds an extra layer of security. But what about PCs? What if I told you that you can combine both worlds? Right now we explain how.

Unlock PC with Android Fingerprint Scanne

How to Login Into Your PC with Your Fingerprint

Before continuing, it is important to clarify that, although this process is very simple, if the steps are not followed properly, we will not be able to correctly configure the necessary tools. Follow the instructions that we are going to give you in this article and, please, do not skip any. We insist that it is very important to follow each one of them well.

Let’s go by parts. First, you will have to download an application for your Android called Remote Fingerprint Unlock. Do not open it yet: although you can take a look through its menus and become familiar with it, for now, it is as useful as diving equipment to go to the desert. By itself it does nothing; needs a partner.

This companion is a module for Windows that you can download below this paragraph in two flavours: one for 32-bit systems (x86) and another for 64-bit systems (x64). When you install it, you will see that it does not have any kind of graphical interface, since it does not need it.

Then log out of Windows. Now on the home screen, you should see this

Unlock Your PC

  • Now find the Remote Fingerprint Unlock app and open it. Then click on the menu button and select the Scan option. Then, click on the cross button. You should see this on the screen.
  • Select the By Scanning option and wait for your PC to appear on the screen. When it does, click on it and then Save.
  • Now you will have to add your user account. To do this, click on the menu again and go to the My ACcounts section. You will see this on the screen.
  • Then click on the three points and on Add Account. Now you will have to enter the name of your Windows user account and your password.
  • When you do, the following message will appear advising you that the session ID of the computer user is paired with the mobile (this is also where you will have to register your fingerprint).

Now you only have to unlock the PC with your fingerprint to check that everything is correct. Click on the menu again and this time on the Unlock section. Now click on Fingerprint Unlock on your computer, just below your username. Then, place your finger on the sensor and, if everything is correct, you will check that your PC unlocks without a problem.