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How To Share Your Computer Screen

The sharing of the screen of the PC via the network (screen sharing in English) is the technology that allows you to see and sometimes even remotely control a PC. This technology has several implementations and different uses.

hare Your Computer Screen

it can be used to show how to perform a certain procedure to multiple users;
it can be used to control our PC from a smartphone or tablet;
or it can be used to offer remote support to a customer or friend in need.
Obviously, there are programs and solutions that allow you to share your computer screen suitable for each of these scenarios, we will try to show you the best.

Provide Support and Screen Sharing with Windows 10

You can start screen sharing on Windows 10, starting from the 2016 Anniversary Update, for free thanks to the Quick Assistance application, which allows you to connect to a friend’s or customer’s PC with just a few clicks to help him.

The operation of the option is quite simple and basic, just press on “Start” and write “quick assistance” and press the Enter key.

This will open the main screen of the app that presents two options, with the first you can share your desktop and thus receive assistance. In the case of transmission of the screen of your computer just enter the code of the contact who must provide you with assistance (we recommend, make sure he is trusted, you are giving him full access to your PC) and press the “Share screen “button.

Instead, if you want to offer assistance, you need to get the necessary code: to get the code, always on the application home, just click on the blue button “help another person”.

Once the connection has been started, a window will open with buttons at the top right that allows you to perform various operations:

  • draw on the screen (to communicate with the observing user);
  • change the window size;
  • open the task manager;
  • restart your PC or terminate support.

Who is sharing the screen, can view all things that are done remotely, and disconnect the connection at any time?

Control your PC remotely with Windows and Mac

If instead of the built-in Windows 10 tool you want to use a third-party application to get support or just to completely remotely control your PC or Mac, there are both applications designed specifically for this purpose and programs that among the various features allow sharing your computer screen.


Among the various applications use to manage the computer remotely we find the always excellent TeamViewer. A truly easy-to-use multi-platform application, available for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems, but also for Android and iOS mobile devices.

free screen-sharing apps

Once the installation is complete, just start the application to obtain a numerical ID and a random password to be able to control the computer remotely. If you don’t want to remember the account and password assigned to each PC every time, you can register for free.

Once connected, the transmission is generally good and is automatically adapted according to the quality of the line available.

TeamViewer is undoubtedly an excellent solution both for providing remote assistance and for showing your screen to more people.

Chrome Remote Desktop

It is a convenient former extension for Chrome, which has become a free web app, which allows you to stream your screen with a few clicks.

Usage is really simple: after installing the Chrome browser on your device, just connect to the service page and then, at the top, click on the item we are interested in between “Remote access” and “Remote assistance”.

If you want to share your screen, even to receive assistance, you will have to configure:

  • Click on the blue button with a white arrow under “Configure remote access”;
  • the extension page will open;
  • you can then click on “Add“;
  • then on the original page click on “Accept and install”;
  • then continue by entering the name of the computer and pressing the “Next” button;
  • then choose a PIN of at least 6 digits and press on “Start”;
  • at this point, we will have a user and pin to connect to our remote device.


Even the well-known video chat program offers the screen sharing function so as to be able to show participants in a call their desktop, slides or a procedure from our PC.

  • Starting screen sharing with Skype is very simple, during a conversation just press the icon with the + symbol at the bottom and then click on the item “Share screen”.
  • Then you can choose from the app whether to share only a single window or the entire desktop with the other call participants without having to install additional programs.
  • The interlocutors will only be able to witness everything we do on our terminal, this is not a remote control function.