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How to Check Twitch Chat Logs

The twitch chat logs can be confusing. Twitch is the largest online streaming platform out there. It’s a gamer’s heaven that allows them to showcase their skills and get paid for them. Originally, Twitch was created for video games streaming, but today with a family of over 2 million streamers, it has grown its stream branches into a bunch of other stuff like artwork, lifestyle casters, TV series, and podcasts.

Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch chat is a key part of the Twitch experience, allowing streamers to interact with their viewers in ways entirely unique to the platform. It also has value beyond the simple conversation. Your chat logs contain valuable information about user feedback and responses that can inform how you create and brand content.

Checking Twitch Chat Logs

Chat logs are only accessible to the streamer and moderators. There are a number of different ways to check them. You can decide what best suits you.

Through Video on Demand (VOD)

Video on Demand

The first method is also the only method that can give you entire chat logs. You’ll have to go through your stream’s VODs. With this, even have the comments that were deleted by your moderators are available – there are no other ways to check those. You can review the comments and decide on the penalties. However, the annoying thing about this method is that you need to skim through the entire stream.

Through a Third Parties

A lot of streamers, who value the input and the conduct of twitch chat logs, utilize third party software for monitoring. This serves as a long-term solution for the streamer as there are several other features provided as well that aren’t available on Twitch. Two popular examples are Chatty and Log viewer. However, these other platforms could work on their User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) as they are somewhat hard to navigate around in the beginning.

User Search Command

The user command enables you to get all the details of a particular viewer who commented on your content. To use the user Search Command, type the following commands in your channel chat:

/user [username]

This command gives information about the specific username, such as-

  • The number of messages the user has made on your channel.
  • The number of timeouts received by the user.
  • If any, the number of bans received by the user.
  • Mod comments left by your channel’s mods by your viewers.

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